API-first CMS with Collaboration, Workflow, and Audience Engagement

For developers and content managers

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Solving complex challenges in content management

Omni Channel

Create multiple front end with single backend content infrastructure


Create groups and collaborate on your content publishing lifecycle


Increase your productivity with workflows and task management


Built on Microsoft technologies with security and scalability in mind


Manage your multiple client's sites with single subscription plan

Enterprise Plans

Dedicated instances with white labeling for enterprise customers

Feature’s you can't live without

Cloudoo has a curated list of features that makes your entire content publishing lifecycle more collaborative, secure and productive.

Version Control

Multiple drafts and published versions for a content

Permission Management

Assign permissions for individual users and groups

Query Engine

Retrieve contents using REST and query it using Lucene

Full Text Search

Manage site search with our full text search API

Publishing Workflows

Create multiple workflows and manage your publishing rules

Content Collaborators

Invite your team mates for collaborating on content

Task Management

Manage your content based tasks in a centralized console


Capture data from front ends using our form API

Field Level Permissions

Manage permissions for field level data

Audience Engagement

Engage your audience with dynamic commenting system